Kickstart Your Second Income

Launch your own personal marketing platform.

Follow my blueprint for planning, launching and managing a digital publication to feature your expertise.

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About Side Project Plan

The premise is this: You have talents, skills, knowledge, and experience. Some of these may be poured into your day job. Maybe others are put to use with a hobby, a calling at church, or with your charitable work. 

I can help you put them to work in building a second income through the creation of a niche magazine that becomes your own personal marketing platform. It will inform, educate, and maybe even entertain a specific community. 

If you're comfortable with WordPress and have run a blog before, great. You could get going in just one day with my free resources here.

If you're not comfortable with WordPress, I can help you with all of the technical and tedious chores that make up the "getting started" phase. 

Side Project Plan is a compilation of:

  • Free articles
  • Free training
  • Free resources
  • Premium templates
  • Premium services

The free articles are already here (with hundreds more coming) on the blog

The free training is in the works, slated to be completed this summer. Hop on my wait list to be notified when it's available. 

The premium templates will be entirely optional. You can succeed with my blueprint without them. 

The premium services will make the getting started process lightning-fast. 

Want to know more specifics about how it all works?