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Marketing with Bots: The Pros & The Cons

With marketing bots, we're going to see the best behavior, and the very worst
Marketing with Bots

If you’re the least bit techie, you’ve heard of companies successfully marketing with bots. If you’re a more ‘analog’ small business owner, though, maybe not so much. But some are saying they’re the future of both lead generation through your website as well as customer service, so I want to share with you my greatest … Keep reading…

CEOs with Personal Websites: 5 Examples to Follow

Turn Your Personal Brand Into a Marketing Machine
CEO Websites

Most CEOs and small business owners don’t have personal websites. And yet, there are numerous examples of forward-thinking business leaders who have turned their own personal brands into business builders, starting with a personal website, but extending to other platforms from there. In many cases, people have used their personal website as an online resume … Keep reading…

The Personal Brand of Joseph Ranseth, Vine Strategy

Helping People Find Their Purpose and Take Their Message to the World
Social Media Personal Marketing Platform

Today I take a look at the personal brand of Joseph Ranseth. I’ve done this now with Joseph, Rebekah Radice, and Phil Gerbyshak. And there are more to come. It’s a pretty fascinating thing to analyze—how a leader makes use of their personal brand to further the growth of their company. I call this building … Keep reading…

Kill the Personal Website? No Way

One Author's Suggestion Makes No Sense for Professionals
Personal Website

Should you kill your personal website? Rachel Kaser of The Next Web answers this question with a yes, then gives the worst possible explanation as to the reasons why she answered that way, including convoluting the reasons why she issued her proclamation to kill the personal website in the first place. It makes no sense. … Keep reading…