Learn the Details on How Side Project Plan Works

Side Project Plan is a blueprint for building a personal marketing platform.

You’ll grow your solo or small business by leveraging your personal brand. 

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No Tech Skills Required

First of all, there are no deep tech skills required to pull this off, although the more you know, the faster you’ll get up to speed.

As long as you know a niche topic or industry well and can stay generally aware of trends in it, I can help you do what I’ve done.

I’ll help you step-by-step through articles and bite-sized videos, and a private Facebook group. The training is geared to tell you all you need to know, entirely free.

But if setting it up yourself just isn’t for you, coming soon you’ll be able to get your personal marketing platform setup within 24 hours at a modest price.

That means you’ll learn via articles and videos how to:

  • Brainstorm a smart and profitable topic or theme
  • Secure a memorable domain name
  • Find a web host that’s fast and reliable
  • Get started with WordPress, including selecting a common but easily customized WordPress theme
  • Add functionality with basic, and more advanced, WordPress plugins
  • Create a brand around your online magazine
  • Optimize your website for search engines
  • Find your voice as a writer
  • Avoid writer’s block
  • Think like a journalist, columnist, and marketer any given week
  • Collaborate on additional content with others who know your niche
  • Market your online magazine to your target audience
  • Generate a following via email and/or social
  • Monetize your website in numerous ways
  • Do all of this working only occasional evenings and weekends
  • Learn how to find a buyer for your site when the time comes

If you’re anxious to start but after watching the tutorials still feeling a little intimidated by the tech, you can hand over the setup to me at a reasonable cost.

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Side Project Plan Video Training

About Those Bite-Sized Lessons

Launching a publication can sound daunting. I’ll erase your fears and doubts. 

Side Project Plan will of course include traditional blog posts telling you everything I’ve learned first-hand and studied with others.

But you’ll also enjoy numerous, bite-sized videos. Most will be as short as 2-3 minutes. Some will be longer, but still aimed at beginners or intermediates in their savvy with building WordPress websites.

I’ve built the back end of a full, free online course educating you on each step of the process—even more detailed than the bullet points above. 

You’ll be able to mark every lesson as complete, guiding you through the entire process while you plan, design, and launch (or relaunch) your own niche publication.

And don’t forget that free, private Facebook group where you’ll interact with me and others building their own online publications in different niches.

Yes, everything is free!